What have we done?!

We've created a Monster!

A productivity and efficiency monster! We wanted to create something new, open an innovative way to revolutionize cooperation between companies and agencies. We analyzed the findings from many years of agency experience and countless projects and were therefore able to identify downfalls and potential in the management of major projects.

The coordination of multiple resources, the pressure of deadlines, redundant communication, and blown up budgets are just a few examples of factors that have led to large-scale of customers facing projects, that are quickly becoming a nerve-racking clusterf*ck. If you have ever experienced that, then you know what we are talking about…

With our platform, we enable a future-oriented workflow that supports dynamic processes and delivers outstanding results. And within a time limit, an efficient budget use and communication. Experience the new dimension of full service at Hi & Lo.

Who are we?

We are DOers. Lateral thinkers and visionaries. We are Solution Architects and Project Junkies. We are in top form where others have long since stopped. Beyond 100% is our claim. Highly specified Individuals who live a mission: making everything possible.

What we do?

We realize your vision and make it come to life. We are your navigator through projects no matter the size and control all the resources involved. From our extensive network of highly qualified specialists, we select the perfect partner for your requirements, coordinate processes, optimize processes and deliver results that set new standards.

How do we do it?

We have gathered and analyzed experiences from countless project developments over the last twenty years and identified weak points and punctures. The result is an innovative workflow based on a influential platform that opens up new paths.

  • Dimensioning of all requirements
  • Development of an agile roadmap
  • Selection of ideal partners and resources
  •  Control of processes and dependencies
  •  Controlling and communication
  •  A perfect result