Creation of individual PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations are still the measure of all things in terms of professional company presentations. An individualized and customized presentation that fully displays PowerPoints potential, inspires customers and leaves a lasting impression. Get ahead of your competition with modern, clear and targeted PowerPoint presentations. Benefit from our many years of experience as a PowerPoint agency, which capably supports you in every phase of presentation development with concentrated expertise. From the preparation of the presentation content, through the formulation of the concept, to the final presentation design, our PowerPoint professionals are by your side. Our designs and design teams have grown to adapt to PowerPoint projects of all sizes. From sole proprietorship to enterprise solutions, we give you the most out of your presentation and guarantee you and your customers an impressive PowerPoint experience.

Our services in the field of PowerPoint presentations at a glance:

  • Concept Storyboard
  • Text and graphics optimization
  • Design & layout of PowerPoint slides
  • Interactive presentations: navigation-driven content
  • Animation of content
  • Research and revision of image content
  • Icon development
  • Integration of add-ins
  • Mobile development & optimization