Business Presentations

We conceptualize, design and create presentations that set new standards. There is not much we can’t do with PowerPoint. Impress Your Customers, simply defeat your Competitors by a long shot: With a Hi & Lo Company Presentation.

Web Development

Today, the internet is the kingpin for every form of customer-business interaction. The potential is huge, the possibilities are endless; and we at Hi & Lo take care of the implementation with State of the Art Design. Make it happen! Make it Hi & Lo!

Branding & Identity

People remember brands, but companies? If were being honest with ourselves, you know that’s true. With a coherent, future-proof corporate design you set the right signals and leave a lasting impression. Give your company dynamic branding with a Hi & Lo corporate design and establish yourself with customers and competitors.


Presentations can be anything!!! Whether it be a successful or a nerve-wracking event depends above all on the skills of the speaker. Let yourself and your team be coached by our professionals and make the stage your perfect tool.

Access All Areas

Our resource pool includes highly specialized creators for every area. Tell us what you want – We give you who you need!

Branding & Identity

Make your mark! We develop your branding and create your corporate design.

Web Design & Development

We love code! Experience app and web development in a new dimension.

Ecommerce & online shops

Open 24/7! High-performance e-commerce solutions that work and inspire.

Professional PowerPoint

We present the future! We create business presentations that set the new standard.


The stage Is yours! Perfect your presentation skills with our expert coaching.

Concepts & Innovation

Focused expertise in all areas – from one source.

We are Hi & Lo

We are the agency of the agencies. The one that takes control of everything for you. The platform that succeeds projects of all sizes and lets you sleep peacefully.

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