Production of PowerPoint movies

Countless studies prove that no medium can transport content as clearly and impressively as film can. Use the power of moving images in the form of your PowerPoint presentation to make your corporate presentation a complete success. Whether it is as an interactive touch screen solution or as a self-running PowerPoint movie, the attention and enthusiasm of your customers will be a conditioned response. Convey content clearly and to the point, even explain complex issues in a nutshell and fully understand the entertainment factor of the latest PowerPoint movies from Hi&Lo.

Our services in the field of PowerPoint movies at a glance:

  • Transform your presentation into a fully animated movie
  • Integration of video files into the presentation
  • Interactive structure of the PowerPoint movie
  • Setting of the PowerPoint movie
  • Movies as a second-screen solution in the event segment
  • Conversion of output formats (mpeg, avi, wmv, etc)
  • Data optimization: file size
  • Big Screen Optimization
  • Logo Animation