A PowerPoint is a PowerPoint. And a book is a book?

A PowerPoint is a PowerPoint. And a book is a book?

Learn the differences!


An unnerving story

PowerPoint Presentations are the most used form of presentation out there. There have been other presentation software trials and hypes that reach from “something better” to “don’t use slides”- Death by PowerPoint but may we point out that it is the most ridiculous way to blame bad content and badly created slides on PowerPoint itself? readmore

Storytelling: From presentation to mind and from New Zealand to Antarctica

Storytelling: From presentation to mind and from New Zealand to Antarctica

Presenting is always about finding a connection to the audience.

  • You want to be remembered? Create an emotional connection to the audience!
  • You want to sell? Establish an emotional connection to the audience!
  • Do you want the contents of your presentation to be well received? Establish an emotional connection to your audience!

I could go on like this for a while, but you see what I mean: On an emotional level you can reach your audience. But how do you achieve that again? By telling your listeners a story. Which leads me to the term storytelling. Storytelling is the core term for the statements made above and very important in any interaction with an audience. readmore

Film Production Service Provider

Why hire a film production service provider?

Because your company should not do without videos and certainly not without quality.

What spreads fastest and best on the net? Right – videos and films! Do you have a product or a service to offer or are you looking for new employees? Why not use a medium that is hyped by social media platforms? Not only the users or their potential customers prefer videos, also platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn & Co. rank videos clearly better than pure text posts or pictures.

The decision was made to shoot a video, but what now?

read more

Are you allowed to do that?

That all stolen. That’s not even mine!

You have found an exciting topic. Your presentation is well prepared and you have it all worked out, but you could use a little more pep. So you could just share that one image you saw on the internet or just use that one video you liked so much in that one lecture you saw last week. To finish your presentation off you could just use the text passage from your favorite speaker. read more

A hand full of tricks!

It doesn’t take much to add an exciting finishing touch onto your presentation. All you need is a hand full of tricks, a trick for every finger. Its not magic!

Thumb: Convince the audience with the headline! 

1.“The worldwide transport of tropical fruits to Germany – a case study on the export of oranges and other citrus fruits”. read more

Webcasts for internal communications

Internal Communications in a world corporation are always a challenge. Information must be spread in multiple languages, multi-medial and accessible to all employees. Video communication is an efficient way to draw more attention, inform efficiently and get a more personal introduction of the leaders of a company.

There is also a more interactive way of communication: Webcasts. read more

Bourgeois is so yesterday

Bourgeois is so yesterday

No one likes reading an impersonal text, especially on a website ad even less on an Online-shop.

We want direct and a personal flow of communication; age appropriate and we want to stay on topic. Absolutely nothing is worse than being greeted with automated responses and dull phrases that could be used at a funeral rather than at a hip Online-shop. David Oglivy said “You cannot bore people into buying” and he was absolutely correct. Your Online-shop should reflect who you are in the most efficient way possible and pass on your philosophy transparently. Are you a young and modern company? read more